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Kalki (2019)

Kalki (2019)

Tovino ThomasSamyuktha MenonAnjali NairHarish Uthaman
Praveen Prabharam


Kalki (2019) is a Malayalam movie. Praveen Prabharam has directed this movie. Tovino Thomas,Samyuktha Menon,Anjali Nair,Harish Uthaman are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Kalki (2019) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Nanchenkotta is beset by problems and civilian life in here is a nightmare. However, the arrival of a fearless police officer with a strong sense of justice is about to change Nanchenkotta's law and order situation - once and for all.

Kalki (2019) Reviews

  • Not recommended to watch


    Only watch it if you have time to waste. This film is purely like some telugu movie , No logic .

  • Mass movie... Gone wrong


    Tovino is the only good thing in this movie.... Direction Acting screenplay storyline ... everything else is horrible and illogical. One of the worst movie recently released.

  • Don't waste your money if you want to watch a good film.


    It's a movie with illogical story line and poor acting except Tovino's and Sudeesh's , all others were pathetic .I will suggest to watch this movie without using your intelligence but Telugu movie fans can watch this because they want action sequences rather than story.. I am pretty much sure about it sensible audience not gonna like this..

  • A cool movie to watch during leisure time


    Kalki (2019) is a Mass-Action Malayalam Movie. The protagonist and the antagonist fills most of the space in the film with very little areas for others to perform their roles. Directorial Errors Could be noticed.

  • Semi Mass Entertainer


    First of all let me thank the whole crew including actors for a great contribution to the Entertainment Play List. One word, Mass. The word itself explains how the movie is & the characteristics of the movie. To be specific the film is for the teenagers and relative aged people's because how the film is showcased can only be enjoyable to them. Must see this film in theatre because the film need a Dolby Atmos. With Respect Vishnu Melery


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