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The Boss Baby (2017)

The Boss Baby (2017)

Alec BaldwinSteve BuscemiJimmy KimmelLisa Kudrow
Tom McGrath


The Boss Baby (2017) is a English,Spanish movie. Tom McGrath has directed this movie. Alec Baldwin,Steve Buscemi,Jimmy Kimmel,Lisa Kudrow are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. The Boss Baby (2017) is considered one of the best Animation,Adventure,Comedy,Family,Fantasy movie in India and around the world.

Seven-year-old Tim Templeton has always had an overactive imagination--and for the past seven years--life has been all peaches for him, getting all the love and affection from his caring parents. However, after the arrival of Boss Baby, an unexpected new brother dressed in a black suit complete with a tie and a briefcase, Tim won't be the centre of attention anymore, as the powerful sibling takes over the whole house, robbing him of all care, little by little. But, soon, Tim and the new Boss in a diaper will need to put differences aside and join forces, as a sneaky scheme involving the head of Puppy Co. threatens to tilt the balance of power towards their insidiously adorable furry antagonists, not to mention that the next Pet Convention is only in two days. Brothers, hurry up.


The Boss Baby (2017) Reviews

  • Goo goo ga ga


    This movie has as much entertainment value as reading the title of this review.

  • utter wastage of time


    senseless story, crappy characters and dumb dialogues...a five minute tom an jerry episode contains much more fun than this nonsensical piece of crap. total waste of time and money. i wonder if the writer has any idea of creating story lines or did he just come up with storyline after waking up

  • One-Dimensional


    Trying oh-so hard to be a rollicking comedy, this film comes across more like a classic slapstick Saturday morning cartoon on steroids. Lifting from Disney/Pixar but falling far short, "Boss Baby" fails in the same way as "Secret Life of Pets" did - overacted, formulaic and shallow.

  • Awful beyond belief. Even Bee Movie was better.


    For those viewers that think that movies like "Minions" or "Sing" appeal to the lowest common denominator, I only have to say that "The Boss Baby" somehow managed to lower the bar for mainstream animation to unthinkable levels. I miss the days when DreamWorks made great films like "The Prince of Egypt." And while some of their CGI films are definitely fun and very enjoyable to watch, "The Boss Baby" is definitely not one of them. Since the very first trailer, this movie seemed like a cringe-worthy experience beyond belief. The only reason of why I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt (Big mistake) was because many other animated movies tend to have awful trailers but most of them turn out to be not so bad. Some of them turn out to be actually good, but "The Boss Baby" turned out to be just as bad as it seemed to be in every trailer. The only positive aspect of this film was the animation style (Despite some rather questionable character designs) which was cute and reasonably well made, but sadly the visual aspect of this film wasn't enough to distract me from the awfulness of the script and its terrible jokes. Compared with this, a show like "Rugrats" is Shakespeare-worthy material. This might be the worst effort done by DreamWorks Animation to date, and the fact that is getting a sequel should be enough indication to explain why stuff like "The Emoji Movie" ends being made.

  • This movie defines "Bad".


    This movie is not worth a long review. Just avoid it. Can't give it a 0 ... I respect the people who like it but personally i found it extremely bad. Unfortunately i need 5 lines of text so here it goes : saw about 15-20 minutes of it; storyline is incredibly bad. It seems to be related to the normal "initial resistance" that a big brother has to the new baby in the house ... but the way it does it is bad. Not funny. Maybe it gets better after half an hour, i don't know - didn't have the stomach to waste my time with it.


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